Aluminum and glass partition walls are commonly used in modern office spaces to create a sense of openness and transparency. They are sleek, durable, and often customizable to suit the specific needs of the space.

Architecture design is the process of designing and planning the construction of buildings, structures, and landscapes, taking into consideration functional, aesthetic, social, environmental, and economic factors.

Interactive 3D Models. Customizable Floor Plans. Dynamic Site Plans. Configurable Design Options. Customizable Design Documentation.

Architecture visualization is the process of creating realistic, 3D models and visual representations of architectural designs to help communicate the design concept to clients, stakeholders, and the public.

Welcome to UVO Design, the Albanian company that specializes in providing top-notch interior solutions for office buildings. We are committed to helping our clients create spaces that promote productivity, creativity, and a positive work culture. Our team of experienced designers works closely with each client to understand their specific needs and preferences, and then provides full design assistance from the beginning to the implementation of any facility or office.

UVO Design provides interior solutions for office buildings, including interior design, space planning, furniture selection, lighting design, and project management. Our goal is to create functional and stylish spaces that promote productivity and a positive work culture. We are committed to delivering projects of the highest quality and exceeding our clients' expectations.

UVO Design has technical and design experience in the field of spatial planning thanks to international collaborations that include BIM, engineering, architecture, partition walls and rendering. Our range of services includes interior design, space planning, furniture selection, lighting design, and project management. We use state-of-the-art technology and the latest design trends to ensure that every project we undertake is of the highest quality.

"Innovative ideas for modern workplaces" - The Office Project.



UVO COMPANY VALUES The purpose of UVO Design is to offer a complete solution to the customer, offering a turn key office equipping project. The process starts from the first steps of the project with the survey of the site, continuing with the analysis of the modulation of the walls and the delivery of the final technical drawings, dedicating a special focus to the installation stages. Thanks to an integrated design, UVO Design takes care of all these aspects by creating a working environment up to date with the latest standards.


– Sorgenia


– Bocconi

– Mercedes

– Wind 3

– Zaha Hadid Tower

– NTT Data Italia


– Universal Selecta

– Sedus

– Yuga

– 500×100

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Choose UVO Design for expert spatial planning solutions, backed by technical and design expertise gained through international collaborations in BIM, engineering, architecture, partition walls, and rendering. Our range of services, including interior design, furniture selection, lighting design, project management, and more, utilize the latest trends and cutting-edge technology to guarantee exceptional results every time.

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