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UVO Design

UVO Design is an Albanian company specialized in interior solutions for office buildings. The target of the company is to bring to the country the European designing standards for interior design and contracting. Albania today, is in the verge of becoming part of the European Union. The purpose of UVO Design is to be a precursor of European standards in the world of design on Albanian territory and the neighboring countries. UVO Design has technical and design experience in the space planning fi eld thanks to the technical partnership with Universal Selecta S.p.A., an Italian manufacturer of partition walls. In order to offer a complete design service, UVO Design implements the partnership with Sedus Stoll, a leader in the offi ce furniture business, with more than one hundred years of experience in furniture and workspace management.

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The aim of UVO Design is to offer a complete solution to the customer, offering a turn key office equipping project.

The project includes high quality products: modular partition walls of Universal Selecta, together with modular and smart furniture of Sedus Stoll. The process starts from the fi rst steps of the project with the survey of the site, continuing with the analysis of the modulation of the walls and the delivery of the fi nal technical drawings, dedicating a special focus to the installation stages..

The contemporary office is becoming more and more fluid, it doesn’t have a predetermined shape but it develops dynamically merging together different architectural entities.

Thanks to new technologies, working is smarter and every space becomes a possible creativity site: offi ces become more transparent, more open, not only for the company but for collective spaces as well: “co-working” creates different working scenarios. The designers of UVO Design have a clear vision of these new dynamics. On that basis they are able, thanks to the modularity and specifi city of the products used and represented, to can create dynamic, creative and relaxing spaces in which the productivity quality increases for the wellbeing of the company and the individual. The direct hierarchical relationship, represented on the plan, is dissolved and the spaces mutate, becoming more collective but at the same time respecting visual and acoustic privacy. Thanks to an integrated design, UVO Design takes care of all these aspects by creating a working environment up to date with the latest standards.